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Anonymous Asked: Does your ouiji board actually work???


Okay. Let me tell you a story about this Ouija board. My old bestfriend heather stole it from toys r us and it was a shitty, plastic glow in the dark piece of cardboard w/ a plastic planchette that also glowed. We made fun of it for about 3 days and then one day we got really, really naked and dimmed the lights, lit incense, and got serious. I asked if anyone was there and it said yes. I asked who and it spelled a name. Amy. Heather immediately pulled her hands off of the planchette, her face turned flushed red, and she asked if I had moved it. I hadn’t. Now, this girl had been my friend for years, I could tell she was genuinely concerned, I asked her what was up and she told me that the night before, she and another friend of mine played with it and she was drunk so she thought our mutual friend was just messing with her. But we kept talkin to the board, asking it questions. “Amy” told us she was a 19 year old girl who killed herself(I was 19 at the time) and that she was bound to “another place” because of “suicide penalty” for “948492747 years” (I shit you not) and then we started asking deep questions. About whether heaven and hell were real, what else she saw, if anyone else was there. (No heaven, this place is hell, I see nothing, yes, an angry yemen. When I asked what that was it spelled out demon) and it said the “angry demon” was named asmodeus (I googled this name and apparently it’s a very old demon that king Solomon captured to build his temple and also “Lust” of the 7 deadly sins. And Amy was also on the website so I clicked it and it said it was the name of a demon who pretended to be a young girl; also know as mammon(I think that’s the spelling but I’m not sure) aka “Greed”. ) during our session we asked it to move things around the room. It did. It made circle 8s with the planchette. I haven’t touched it since.

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